Accept Cash Payments from Anyone, Anywhere.

Need an alternative payment to credit cards? Not a problem.

What is PayCash?

PayCash is a payment processing service that enables consumers to purchase online and conveniently pay with cash at thousands of payment centers located across the Philippines.

Why accept cash payments?

Reach Millions of Filipino Customers
Expand your online market by allowing people who prefer to pay in cash or those that do not have credit cards and bank accounts to shop from your online store.

Majority of the Philippine population are unbanked. Hence, an alternative payment option such as over-the-counter cash payments, is what you need if you're looking to reach more customers.

Reduce Shopping Cart Abandonment
Providing a wider selection of payment methods mean that you'll be able to serve more customers. This significantly reduces shopping cart abandonment because online shoppers have more flexible options to pay you.

With PayCash, you can turn everyone into a potential customer!

Eliminate Risk, Fraud and Chargebacks
Unlike credit card and online bank account payments which are prone to fraud and chargebacks, PayCash guarantees that you're dealing with genuine customers since transactions are made face-to-face at payment centers.

No Provincial Service Charge
Customers don't have to pay for any additional service charge at any provincial BDO or RCBC branch.


PayCash offers unique features that sets it apart from other cash payment services.

Extensive Cash Payment Network
PesoPay has partnered with both Bank and Non-bank payment centers to provide merchants with the widest cash payment processing solution in the country. Accept cash payments over-the-counter at more than 5,000 payment outlets across the Philippines.

More than 5,000+ Payment Outlets Nationwide

Bank Payment Partners Non-Bank Payment Partners
*ECPay Payment Partners

Unified Payment Reference
The payment reference numbers generated by PayCash can be accepted by our system across all payment centers. This means that your customers have the freedom to pay in cash at any bank or non-bank payment center they chose.

Payment Tracker
Your customers can easily track the status of their cash payments to see if the merchant has received it or not. This gives your customers the peace of mind and confidence to shop on your online store.

Automated System Validation
Unlike others, our cash payment service comes with an automatic validation feature which removes the hassle of manually validating and reconciling over-the-counter payments since we automatically settle transactions on the merchant's side.

Payment Notification
With PayCash, you'll instantly know if you have received an over-the-counter cash payment from one of your customers. Unlike others, payment notifications are sent at the next banking day.