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Make Hotel Profit Optimization Easy with GHS

by: Rey Concepcion

Arcadier and Pesopay Integration

As competition in the hospitality industry becomes more volatile than ever, profit optimization has now turned into quite an onerous duty for many hotels. To help our clients, we’ve integrated with Global Hospitality Solutions (GHS) a solutions provider that enables hoteliers to optimize profitability through the strategic implementation of loyalty marketing, CRM and social commerce solutions. This will allow hotel operators to accept online payments via PesoPay on both the iRewards and Gin Tonic platforms of GHS — with no further integration required.

The De Facto CRM for the Hotel Industry

GHS offers a comprehensive selection of innovative solutions designed for the accommodation sector. iRewards is a customer relationship management (CRM) and loyalty platform designed to assist hotels in generating demand and driving customer engagement by rewarding guests for their continued patronage.

Through integration with dozens of social media and third-party networks, iRewards can collect customer data at every touch point of their journey, providing hoteliers with valuable insights from general demographics and buying habits to detailed customer profiles. Not yet ready to get the full version? No problem! GHS offers a budget-friendly variant called iR-Lite which focuses on automating and personalizing email communication with customers to boost repeat business.

iRewards CRM & Loyalty

Gin Tonic is a booking engine with an integrated loyalty component that allows hotels to reward guests with points through a membership loyalty program. Its user-friendly UI promises a streamlined booking experience within 2 minutes. And best of all, the platform allows customers to pay for their reservations partially in cash and the rest by loyalty points, making it easier for hotels to drive repeat bookings. Other notable features include responsive design, room type customization, visual calendar, reports and so much more.

Gin Tonic Booking engine

In addition to its core products, GHS has developed a range of cutting-edge solutions for brands and retail businesses. One example is WhyQueue, a social commerce website that allows third-party suppliers to sell e-tickets and e-gift certificates. It also functions as an online booking platform, enabling brands to shorten queues and deliver a hassle-free experience in stores.

Since its inception, GHS has been leveling the playing field for many hotels and resorts, empowering them to compete on par against leading OTAs at lower costs. Some of their noteworthy clients include F1 Hotel Manila, Edsa Shangri-la Manila, and The Discovery Hotels and Resorts. As a clear testament of their work, the company has an extensive reach across the globe with offices located in Vietnam, Korea, Philippines, China and Europe.

Well, what do you think? If you’re aiming to boost direct bookings and maximize profits, you know where to look. Visit to get started.